The Band of the 5th (BC) Field Regiment, RCA

The Band Today

The Band of the 5th (BC) Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery is an authorized band of the Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reserve. It is the Land Force's resident military band in the provincial capital of Victoria, the only Reserve Brass-Reed Band on Vancouver Island, and has the distinction of being the oldest continually-operational military band organization west of Thunder Bay. It appears primarily as both a concert band and parade band, but also contains smaller ensembles such as brass and woodwind quintets, a mess dinner band and a dance band, all of which provide musical support for military functions, state functions and public performances.

The band consists of both Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reservists and Associate members. Reservists commit themselves to join, train and serve on a part-time basis with the Canadian Armed Forces. Associates are civilian and, in some cases, military volunteers from the community who donate their time and skills in exchange for the opportunity to perform with a high-quality band in a variety of settings not usually open to civilian ensembles. When they are not working with the band, our members are students, professionals, musicians, civil servants, nurses, bookkeepers, dog-groomers, and teachers.

The band is most active during the months of September to June, with rehearsals being held one night per week and one weekend per month. The Band is busy in November and December, performing Remembrance Day and Christmas events. In November, we join with the students of the Canadian College of Performing Arts in a tribute to our fallen, before participating in three different Remembrance Day parades around the region. In December, the Band supports the Regiment's Saint Barbara's Day Mess Dinner, the Mustard Seed Street Church's Annual Christmas Dinner in the Bay Street Armoury, and has, in the past, joined with the Mount Douglas Secondary and Spectrum Community School Senior Bands for a combined Christmas concert. In the New Year, the band can be found readying itself for its Annual Spring Concert, as it has for more than two decades. Toward the end of the season, the band supports the guns of the Regiment at the Victoria Day Gun Salute, which takes place at precisely 12 noon at the Inner Harbour. The Band ends its season by playing Canada Day at Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site. Fort Rodd Hill is where the 5th (BC) Field Regiment once manned the gun emplacements, so the Regiment's guns also make an appearance on Canada Day for the salute at noon.


Rehearsals are Thursday from 1900 - 2200 hrs. (7:00 - 10:00 pm) in
Rm 308 at Bay Street Armoury, 715 Bay Street Victoria.


Anyone interested in auditioning for either Reserve or Associate membership is encouraged to call the Band Orderly Room at (250) 363-8203, or email You will be contacted by a representative of the Band who will answer all of your questions.