Band of the 5th (BC) Field Regiment, RCA

Joining the Band


General Information

Musicians interested in becoming a military member of the Band of the 5th (BC) Field Regiment, RCA are asked to:

Note that brass, reed and percussion musicians joining a Brass and Reed band must already be proficient on their instrument to at least a senior high school or first-year university level, or RCM Grade 6.

In all cases, it is imperative that the applicant make personal contact with the Director of Music of the band. It is important to understand that local Canadian Forces Recruiting Centres will not open a file for an applicant until the Director of Music provides documentation authorizing enrolment as a musician. Normally, applicants will be asked to sit in with the band for a period of time to determine if they can perform at the required level and can adjust to the rigours of duty expected of a member of Primary Reserve. If the band determines that the applicant is suitable and a position for that instrument is available, then the applicant will be asked to audition.

Please visit the Canadian Forces Recruiting Website for more information, and see our Recruiting FAQ to help you learn a bit more about what is involved in being a member of the Primary Reserve.

Live Auditions

Live auditions take place in our band room, and will normally be conducted by the Director of Music, with assistance of the Band Sergeant-Major and/or a senior member of the instrument section concerned. During a live audition, the applicant will be required to do the following:

a. play two prepared contrasting pieces of the applicant's choice, or parts thereof;
b. play sight reading material typical of the band's repertoire;
c. play major and minor scales and arpeggios (to at least 3-sharps and 3-flats, preferably memorized); and
d. play a chromatic scale from the bottom to the top of the comfortable playing range of the instrument.

Percussionists will be expected to demonstrate proficiency on all concert percussion instruments, including:

a. snare drum (e.g. rudiments);
b. timpani;
c. mallets; and
d. drum set (eg. various beats, rhythms and styles at various tempi).

The applicant will be required to supply copies of the prepared music that s/he intends to play in advance of the audition. Sight reading and ensemble materials will be supplied by the band. The recording of the audition is then sent to Ottawa for assessment.

Contact Information

If you have questions, please contact:

5th (BC) Field Regiment, RCA Band Recruiting Office: (250) 363-8272
Bay Street Armoury Canadian Forces Recruiting Information: 5Fd Regt Recruiter
715 Bay Street Regimental Orderly Room: (250) 363-3626
Victoria, BC   V8T 1R1 Audition Information: Band Recruiting
Apply Directly: Canadian Forces Recruiting Website